Tips to Find a Great Pair of Sunglasses


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Most of us when we decide to look for a new pair of sunglasses first think of the style we want to buy. Others already know that there’s a specific brand of sunglasses we always wear and that is the deciding factor. The third group of people consists of the ones who are more price-conscious so the price of the glasses is of prime importance.

Although there’s not a right or wrong way to think, there are some other factors that should be involved during the decision phase of your purchase.

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We have a bunch of different outlets where we can find sunglasses in today’s market; online, at a store that specializes in sunglasses, at the flea market up the street, or at the local general store. Depending on how you want to protect your investment, you should be careful where you buy. Someone or some company that is there today but gone tomorrow may be a poor choice since they may not be available if you have problems with your purchase later.

Online stores are a great place to get a great deal on any kind of sunglasses you’re looking for; however, you need to be careful which site from which you choose to buy. Since you cannot tell the quality of the glasses or the person or company who owns the website, you need to ensure you purchase from someone who has a contact telephone number (or address at the least). Buy from a site that stands behind their products with an iron-clad warranty. Also, check for reviews from past customers. Don’t worry if you can’t find a review if the company has been in business for a while. Typically, satisfied customers rarely leave a review. It’s the dissatisfied ones who do. So, in this case, no reviews can translate into a rock solid company.

Guarantees and warranties are important on the front end as well as long term ones. Money back guarantees are usually offered when the company has nothing to hide when it comes to the quality of the sunglasses they carry. And, if you are lucky enough to find someone who offers a long term or lifetime warranty on their products you can be better assured that you are going to receive some pretty high-grade products. No one in their right mind would offer that kind of guarantee and warranty if their products were garbage.

Low Cost vs. High Cost Sunglasses

Now, there’s no doubt that many buyers only look at the brands like Oakley, RayBan and similar products. People who buy from the designers are usually the ones who take care of their sunglasses and hardly ever lose them or wear them at places where they could be scratched or stolen. A lot of times, these individuals even buy a second, less expensive pair for those times that wearing the designers just isn’t very practical.
But, if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who are always misplacing their shades, breaking them or scratching the heck out of them, you are most likely one of the more cost conscious kind that would prefer to by sunglasses that are still trendy yet cost much less than the big boys. And, that opens a world of shades to you that is vast when it comes to style.

When you get down to it, sunglasses are sunglasses. You can find stylish ones everywhere. The quality is the main difference and a lot of people think they have to sacrifice quality for a less expensive pair, which isn’t always true.

For instance, did you know there are lesser known brands of glasses that cost much less yet have superior quality? Brands like Double Anchor, Bad Girl, Element 8, Original Gangsta and Raging Bull are just a few. These sunglasses are similar to the big brands in style yet have a “flavor” of their own. They’re attractive yet affordable; affordable enough that you could actually purchase a handful of these brands for the same price as the Big Boys. And, you never have to be concerned about the quality because each pair is made with care.

A Recommendation ~ Sunglasses for Men and Women

So, the big question in everyone’s mind is, “Where do I find these brands at a great price and with a guarantee and warranty?” Although it sounds like a daunting task, there is a place online that meets all of the criteria. It’s right here at

This company has been in business for many years. It boasts close-to-zero returns over the years and has one of the best guarantees and warranties in the industry with a 30-day money back “love them or send them back” guarantee and a lifetime warranty. How can you go wrong when they stand behind their products like that?

You will find men’s sunglasses, shades for women, big sunglasses and polarized ones. There are sunglasses for sports, motorcycling, adventure glasses and goggles. Looking for wayfarers or aviators? Look no further. They are there in abundance.

They are located in the United States and maintain an inventory of over 500 different styles, over fifty different “inspired” brands and authentic brands we spoke of earlier starting at only $11.99 per pair. They ship everything from Florida and, typically, your order leaves their place within two days. They ship all over the world and their shipping fees are as low as anyone else online (or lower) since they only charge the same shipping fee as the postal service charges them (no up-fees).

And, you will also find sunsetsunglasses’ address and phone number right on their website so you won’t have to search far to get hold of their support, which is also excellent.

Our recommendation is to never buy a pair of sunglasses without looking at first.  You need to make up your mind for yourself and that only takes a few clicks of a mouse to explore their website.

Here’s a thought. Go do it now!