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We know how important it is to protect all of your personal information - most importantly your credit card information.

This website's check out area is tightly secured using a complex security system provided by TrustWave Technologies.

Simplified Geek Stuff:

Watch Men in Black - Great moviesWhen you get to the checkout page, where we ask for your credit card information, take a look at your Internet Browser's address bar. You will see that it says "". The "s" immediately past the "http" part indicates that the site or page you are on is secure. From these pages, your personal information will be transmitted through an elaborate encryption method to the payment processor.

We would explain it more in-depth but, if we did, we would most likely have to send the Men in Black to your door with that flashlight thingy to erase your memory.

We can say, however, that these security measures are the same type that the big box stores use so you can rest assured that you can feel very secure when giving us this important information.