Fashioned for women or men-some styles have circular lens or tinted shades-good quality and inexpensive-free USA shipping World-wide shipping avail-30 day refund Lifetime Warranty

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8501 Compare to Gentle Monster Sunglasses


Rigid ears and plastic half frame.  Strong metal rimmed lens and bridge.  Totally round lens.  The fashion trend today is offering more glasses in "the round"   This style is made with the finest materials and professional craftsmanship.  These High Fashion glasses are suitable for any...

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8502 Compare to Gentle Monster Sunglasses


The obvious feature of these glasses is that the lens are exceptionally large and completely round.  The heavy gage metal rim - bridge - and arms make these glasses strong - durable and practical for everyday use.  The bent plastic ears provide the security needed to keep them in place. ...

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8503 Compare to Gentle Monster Sunglasses


The main features of this style are the larger size lens and the strong and durable plastic frame and arms.  The molded nose pads offer comfort and stability.  All the varieties are offered in highly polished frames and some tinted shades.  Well made with quality materials - these glasses will...

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