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replica Oakleys are a great alternativeJust because they are replica Oakley sunglasses does not mean that they have to be made cheaply or that they are illegal. Especially when you are talking about the sunglasses distributed by Sunset Sunglasses.

What separates these fake Oakley sunglasses from most of the others that are sold online?

First of all, we never infringe on the Oakley™ brand name or any of their trademarks. Why is that important to you, you ask? Simply because any company who does can be put out of business at any time. And, that’s not good for you because you should always want to buy from a company that will be here when you need them. We are committed to being here should you ever have a problem or want to order more. So, you can feel confident that a major designer is not going to shut us down and leave you out in the cold simply because we attempted to push a boundary.

The sunglasses we sell are designed to mimic the Oakley style enough so that you can still feel you are staying in fashion while saving you a whole lot of money in the meantime. Our replica Oakleys are styled in a way that they look similar to the originals yet have enough differences to make them stand on their own as a fashion statement. And, with the huge inventory that we always have in stock, you can be pretty certain you will find the exact style that you are looking for and get them delivered quick.

Replica Oakeys Does not Mean Cheap Oakleys!

All of the sunglasses we stock are hand-picked to ensure they are the highest quality we can find. When you compare the quality of the plastic in the frames and the superior workmanship of the lenses, you will immediately realize that these are not “cheap Oakleys”. In fact, we’re so sure of our product’s quality that each one has a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee and full lifetime warranty. Go look at any other replica Oakley distributor and see if they offer the same.

It’s important for you to know that less than 1% per year are returned because the customer did not like the product. And, a large percentage of our customers return and buy more throughout the year. That should give you peace of mind that you will love what you receive.

Other vendors try to create fake Oakleys that have a variation of the Oakley logo on the ear piece but, when you think of it, it’s rather ridiculous because everyone knows what their logo looks like. When you wear a pair with that fake Oakley logo people will recognize it’s not the real thing. When you wear sunglasses without a name or logo, people don’t pay attention to the fact that they are fake. They just love the style. That little bit of difference can make a huge impact on how people perceive you if you’re not wearing the expensive brand name. Let’s face it, there are many more people wearing sunglasses without logos and/or names than with them.

Discount Oakleys with a Twist

If that wasn’t enough to get you to shop with us, there’s one more thing that will send our offer over the top. How about free shipping? That’s right… We will send your fake Oakleys with free shipping to any address where there is a US Zip Code. This includes not only all 50 US States but also a few of the United States territories as well. So, if your address is followed by a United States zip code, you will not pay for shipping – with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE! Buy one or buy one hundred (mix and match styles too).

High quality fake Oakleys, free shipping, money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for? Cheap Oakley look-alikes? No, inexpensive, high quality replica Oakley’s.

Other Replica Designer Sunglasses and Authentic Brands as Well

We also carry other replica, designer inspired brands as well. In fact, Sunset Sunglasses has one of the largest inventories of trendy sunglasses on the internet. If you are going to have ANY problem at all, it will be choosing from the vast selection of cool eyewear we offer. Spend some time on the site. We have it broken down into general categories like men’s and women’s sunglasses and also by the designer inspired brand name (via the menu at the top of each page).

Sunset Sunglasses also carries a few authentic designer brands such as:

We even help you fit the glasses to your facial features. When viewing a chosen pair, you will see information about the width and the lens size. You can use these measurements as a guideline to help determine whether the glasses will fit you properly.

At Sunset, we’re always here to help in every way. While others may say their customer service is superior, here we show it each and every day.

Spend a little time on our site and we will bet that you will find something that you love. Whether it’s replica Oakleys, one of the other replica designer sunglasses or authentic brands, when you can get them as inexpensively as you can on this site, you can’t go wrong.