Tips to Find a Great Pair of Sunglasses

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Most of us when we decide to look for a new pair of sunglasses first think of the style we want to buy. Others already know that there’s a specific brand of sunglasses we always wear and that is the deciding factor. The third group of people consists of the ones who are more price-conscious so the price of the glasses is of prime importance.

Although there’s not a right or wrong way to think, there are some other factors that should be involved during the decision phase of your purchase.

inexpensive sunglasses for him and her

We have a bunch of different outlets where we can find sunglasses in today’s market; online, at a store that specializes in sunglasses, at the flea market up the street, or at the local general store. Depending on how you want to protect your investment, you should be careful where you buy. Someone or some company that is there today but gone tomorrow may be a poor choice since they may not be available if you have problems with your purchase later.

Online stores are a great place to get a great deal on any kind of sunglasses you’re looking for; however, you need to be careful which site from which you choose to buy. Since you cannot tell the quality of the glasses or the person or company who owns the website, you need to ensure you purchase from someone who has a contact telephone number (or address at the least). Buy from a site that stands behind their products with an iron-clad warranty. Also, check for reviews from past customers. Don’t worry if you can’t find a review if the company has been in business for a while. Typically, satisfied customers rarely leave a review. It’s the dissatisfied ones who do. So, in this case, no reviews can translate into a rock solid company.

Guarantees and warranties are important on the front end as well as long term ones. Money back guarantees are usually offered when the company has nothing to hide when it comes to the quality of the sunglasses they carry. And, if you are lucky enough to find someone who offers a long term or lifetime warranty on their products you can be better assured that you are going to receive some pretty high-grade products. No one in their right mind would offer that kind of guarantee and warranty if their products were garbage.

Low Cost vs. High Cost Sunglasses

Now, there’s no doubt that many buyers only look at the brands like Oakley, RayBan and similar products. People who buy from the designers are usually the ones who take care of their sunglasses and hardly ever lose them or wear them at places where they could be scratched or stolen. A lot of times, these individuals even buy a second, less expensive pair for those times that wearing the designers just isn’t very practical.
But, if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who are always misplacing their shades, breaking them or scratching the heck out of them, you are most likely one of the more cost conscious kind that would prefer to by sunglasses that are still trendy yet cost much less than the big boys. And, that opens a world of shades to you that is vast when it comes to style.

When you get down to it, sunglasses are sunglasses. You can find stylish ones everywhere. The quality is the main difference and a lot of people think they have to sacrifice quality for a less expensive pair, which isn’t always true.

For instance, did you know there are lesser known brands of glasses that cost much less yet have superior quality? Brands like Double Anchor, Bad Girl, Element 8, Original Gangsta and Raging Bull are just a few. These sunglasses are similar to the big brands in style yet have a “flavor” of their own. They’re attractive yet affordable; affordable enough that you could actually purchase a handful of these brands for the same price as the Big Boys. And, you never have to be concerned about the quality because each pair is made with care.

A Recommendation ~ Sunglasses for Men and Women

So, the big question in everyone’s mind is, “Where do I find these brands at a great price and with a guarantee and warranty?” Although it sounds like a daunting task, there is a place online that meets all of the criteria. It’s right here at

This company has been in business for many years. It boasts close-to-zero returns over the years and has one of the best guarantees and warranties in the industry with a 30-day money back “love them or send them back” guarantee and a lifetime warranty. How can you go wrong when they stand behind their products like that?

You will find men’s sunglasses, shades for women, big sunglasses and polarized ones. There are sunglasses for sports, motorcycling, adventure glasses and goggles. Looking for wayfarers or aviators? Look no further. They are there in abundance.

They are located in the United States and maintain an inventory of over 500 different styles, over fifty different “inspired” brands and authentic brands we spoke of earlier starting at only $11.99 per pair. They ship everything from Florida and, typically, your order leaves their place within two days. They ship all over the world and their shipping fees are as low as anyone else online (or lower) since they only charge the same shipping fee as the postal service charges them (no up-fees).

And, you will also find sunsetsunglasses’ address and phone number right on their website so you won’t have to search far to get hold of their support, which is also excellent.

Our recommendation is to never buy a pair of sunglasses without looking at first.  You need to make up your mind for yourself and that only takes a few clicks of a mouse to explore their website.

Here’s a thought. Go do it now!

Value of Buying Replica RayBan Sunglasses

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Ray Ban replicas

A classy pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses can really add to your look. A nice pair of shades can serve not only to enhance your image but also to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays as well as provide better vision on bright, sunny days.  The thing with glasses is that you need to pick the ones which offer the most value for your money while catering to the fashion requirements AND while staying in budget.

The best thing today is, because of all the varieties of sunglasses available in the market, everybody can own a pair to suit his or her fashion sense. Whether it’s a pair of new Wayfarers or a pair of Aviators, you will find the market loaded with cool-looking frames in every category.

So, What is meant by ‘Replica’?

Brands like Ray-ban, Oakley or Prada offer a large variety of sunglasses. The thing, however, is that these branded products may not be affordable for everyone and most people choose not to buy the cheap, illegal copied versions of the sunglasses due to quality and trademark concerns. For such people the right choice would be to buy products like replica Ray-Ban sunglasses offered by Sunset Sunglasses on this website.

Now these replicas are not to be confused with the cheap rip-offs mentioned earlier. You can pinpoint the latter with the way the brand is spelled on them such as Rayben, Raiban or Ryban, using these names to trick people into thinking they are originals. Or, these shysters alter the brand’s logo ever so slightly trying to fool you. However, good quality fake Ray Bans are products inspired by the original brand, which makes them works of art in their own right. These replicas are respectful towards the copyrights and trademarks of the original brands and offer good, if not great, quality at a price that everyone can afford.

Value Offered at Sunset Sunglasses

These replica Ray-Ban sunglasses are successful in the market mainly because of their low price, against which you receive very good quality. The design of these replica sunglasses are such that they resemble the original glasses and are not easily differentiated from them. Furthermore, these sun glasses offer almost the same features as the original branded glasses, which include protection from the ultra violet rays of the sun, stylish design, and good quality, all at an extremely good price.

The choice is very clear in this regard. You just need to choose a pair which meets your requirements and needs. In fact, why select just one? Why don’t you go all out and choose as many as you wish, because you know you want to do that. And, at less than $15 each, in most cases, you can buy quantities and not break the bank.

Here, on this website, there is a large variety of replica Ray Ban sunglasses from which you can choose – along with many other replica brands. We also offer you a money back guarantee on all the products and a warranty that lasts a lifetime. We stand behind our products because they are really that good.

Looking for Replica Oakleys? Read This..

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replica Oakleys are a great alternativeJust because they are replica Oakley sunglasses does not mean that they have to be made cheaply or that they are illegal. Especially when you are talking about the sunglasses distributed by Sunset Sunglasses.

What separates these fake Oakley sunglasses from most of the others that are sold online?

First of all, we never infringe on the Oakley™ brand name or any of their trademarks. Why is that important to you, you ask? Simply because any company who does can be put out of business at any time. And, that’s not good for you because you should always want to buy from a company that will be here when you need them. We are committed to being here should you ever have a problem or want to order more. So, you can feel confident that a major designer is not going to shut us down and leave you out in the cold simply because we attempted to push a boundary.

The sunglasses we sell are designed to mimic the Oakley style enough so that you can still feel you are staying in fashion while saving you a whole lot of money in the meantime. Our replica Oakleys are styled in a way that they look similar to the originals yet have enough differences to make them stand on their own as a fashion statement. And, with the huge inventory that we always have in stock, you can be pretty certain you will find the exact style that you are looking for and get them delivered quick.

Replica Oakeys Does not Mean Cheap Oakleys!

All of the sunglasses we stock are hand-picked to ensure they are the highest quality we can find. When you compare the quality of the plastic in the frames and the superior workmanship of the lenses, you will immediately realize that these are not “cheap Oakleys”. In fact, we’re so sure of our product’s quality that each one has a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee and full lifetime warranty. Go look at any other replica Oakley distributor and see if they offer the same.

It’s important for you to know that less than 1% per year are returned because the customer did not like the product. And, a large percentage of our customers return and buy more throughout the year. That should give you peace of mind that you will love what you receive.

Other vendors try to create fake Oakleys that have a variation of the Oakley logo on the ear piece but, when you think of it, it’s rather ridiculous because everyone knows what their logo looks like. When you wear a pair with that fake Oakley logo people will recognize it’s not the real thing. When you wear sunglasses without a name or logo, people don’t pay attention to the fact that they are fake. They just love the style. That little bit of difference can make a huge impact on how people perceive you if you’re not wearing the expensive brand name. Let’s face it, there are many more people wearing sunglasses without logos and/or names than with them.

Discount Oakleys with a Twist

If that wasn’t enough to get you to shop with us, there’s one more thing that will send our offer over the top. How about free shipping? That’s right… We will send your fake Oakleys with free shipping to any address where there is a US Zip Code. This includes not only all 50 US States but also a few of the United States territories as well. So, if your address is followed by a United States zip code, you will not pay for shipping – with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE! Buy one or buy one hundred (mix and match styles too).

High quality fake Oakleys, free shipping, money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for? Cheap Oakley look-alikes? No, inexpensive, high quality replica Oakley’s.

Other Replica Designer Sunglasses and Authentic Brands as Well

We also carry other replica, designer inspired brands as well. In fact, Sunset Sunglasses has one of the largest inventories of trendy sunglasses on the internet. If you are going to have ANY problem at all, it will be choosing from the vast selection of cool eyewear we offer. Spend some time on the site. We have it broken down into general categories like men’s and women’s sunglasses and also by the designer inspired brand name (via the menu at the top of each page).

Sunset Sunglasses also carries a few authentic designer brands such as:

We even help you fit the glasses to your facial features. When viewing a chosen pair, you will see information about the width and the lens size. You can use these measurements as a guideline to help determine whether the glasses will fit you properly.

At Sunset, we’re always here to help in every way. While others may say their customer service is superior, here we show it each and every day.

Spend a little time on our site and we will bet that you will find something that you love. Whether it’s replica Oakleys, one of the other replica designer sunglasses or authentic brands, when you can get them as inexpensively as you can on this site, you can’t go wrong.

Fashion Trends in Sunglasses Today

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With all the styles available today, everyone can afford more than one pair of sunglasses, especially if they are designer inspired ones. So, now any fashion conscious person can easily compliment any wardrobe. This year’s favorites include 70’s retro style thick frames, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Ray-Ban Aviators, Large gradient lens, tortoise shell frames and the John Lennon inspired small round sunglasses.

designer inspired sunglasses - low cost; high qualityThe Aviators were popular in the 40’s and today are available frameless as well as with frames. And, the Wayfarers date back to the early fifties. Although the Aviators have changed little, the Wayfarers have undergone a complete makeover being offered in bright colors with two-toned frames. The John Lennon glasses, in particular, are in great demand. Tortoise shell frames are the rage today as they can compliment any outfit or color. The gradient lens are not only fashionable but are great for driving. They offer maximum protection in the top 2/3 of the lens since they are darker there and are not as dark on the bottom, which enables you to read your dashboard instruments while driving much easier.

The attraction of designer inspired sunglasses can be attributed to their low cost and good quality. Available at a fraction of the original design, these glasses offer almost all of the features of the originals. Their manufacture is very similar, their quality is very good, and they offer the highest protection against the UV rays. Designer inspired sunglasses offer a VFM (value for money) that is very tempting. That is why it is so difficult to keep them on the shelf.

So don’t worry, you’ll most definitely look great no matter which pair you choose. In fact, pick up several pairs of sunglasses inspired by your favorite designer brand and join the in-crowd. Your eyes and your pocketbook will thank you for it.

Take a look at all of the styles available on this site. Ordering is secure and all glasses have a money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty so you know you will love what you receive.


Why Choose Oakley Inspired Sunglasses

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Oakley sunglasses are some of the most popular sunglasses in the world and there are good reasons why. They create styles that are cool to wear (fashionable) and feel great on your face. Of course, there’s no better feeling than to feel like you’re as fashionable as you can be and these sunglasses add to your appeal.

one style of our replica Oakley sunglassesThe “problem” with these and many other designer sunglasses, dresses, handbags and other items is, because of their popularity, they sometimes tend to be pricey. Not that they don’t deserve to be – because they do. However, not everyone can afford the price and there are times when you just don’t want to wear your designer sunglasses because of the type of activity you are involved in.

There’s nothing worse than to be floating down a river on an inner-tube and have your expensive glasses fall off your face. Or, being involved with a sporting event and have them scratched to the point they are no longer wearable.

You could be one of those people like me that sets your glasses down somewhere and later realize that you forgot to pick them back up. It doesn’t take too long for someone to realize there’s a pair of unclaimed designer sunglasses waiting to be snatched up.

Any of these situations can be great reasons for quality Oakley inspired sunglasses (or whatever designer style you prefer).

Spending a little money for these designer inspired sunglasses can make a lot of sense. It’s much better to lose or scratch a less expensive pair than to lose or destroy your original designer pair. So, an alternate pair of shades can protect your original investment.

Aren’t all Oakley Inspired Sunglasses the Same?

Unfortunately, no, all are not made the same (And, you need to be aware).

There are some that are illegal knock-offs that you definitely want to stay away from. You could spend a few dollars on an illegal pair only to find you have to spend a lot more in court costs if they catch you. Chances are they won’t but, what if? (Especially if there are legal alternatives.)

Others, although inexpensive, are cheaply made and look that way too. They may look great the first day you wear them but in just a few months, they aren’t even something you want to own and, that’s just a waste of your hard-earned money.

The Best Option Available…

All sunglasses have a 30-day money back guaranteeThe good news is that there is an alternative that you will love. Sites like this one sell quality sunglasses inspired by the Oakley brand at a price that will fit any budget. We not only say that but we back it up with a complete 30-day money-back guarantee that says you will either be impressed with your purchase or you can return them – no questions asked.

Every one of our designer-inspired sunglasses carry a lifetime warranty. Providing a warranty like that demands that we sell only the highest quality sunglasses money can buy – INCLUDING the Oakley inspired styles.

So, don’t mess up your designer shades. Pick up a pair or two of our inspired sunglasses and wear them when the occasion demands. And, if you can’t (or don’t want to) afford the designer brands, take a look at our collection. We know you’ll find something that will perfectly fit your style and needs.

You may think that, since we sell our sunglasses so inexpensively, we’re going to gouge you on the shipping charge to make up the difference. That, you’ll find is also untrue. Domestic US shipping charges start at only $2.99 and increase only for larger quantities. And, if you live outside the United States, the charges start at only $12.75!

At a fraction of the price of the originals, you can be wearing fashionable eye wear that will make you feel like a million.

Check out our vast inventory. With one of the largest selections of styles online, we’re sure you will find the pair you’ve always wanted.